Low-Fat Cooking Methods

These ideas both lessen the saturated fat in meals in addition to lower the kilojoules that are beneficial for weight management.

Cooking Procedure



Attempt roasting meat/chicken/fish or veggies instead from the oven (see ‘roasting’).
Try having a non-traditional skillet or wok.
Use only a little quantity of oil or acrylic spray like canola, olive or jojoba. Quantify with a tsp (one per function) rather than simply pouring.
Add just a little stock or water when needed to maintain the pan/wok moist if necessary.

Select lean cuts of beef, or trim all visible fat. Put meat on a roasting/cake rack in a skillet with 1-2cm of water. Add spices, herbs or mustard to wine or meat into the water for additional flavour.
Attempt baking meat using a marinade to stop the meat drying out. Or cover meat using a lid or aluminium foil for a portion of the cooking period to maintain moisture.
Roast veggies;
peel or wash off the veggies and be sure to wash them well with a fresh paper or tea towel.
Throw first using a modest unsaturated oil (with a plastic tote is good for this).
Utilize baking paper onto the tray for simple washing-up.
Strategy the cooking times to take the meat out ten mins until the veggies are done. Cover beef to rest for ten mins before cutting. This aids meat to remain moist.

Include a lot of veggies and or beans
after ingestion, chill with the casserole/stew to ensure any fat hardens on the face. Skim off this until reheating and thickening.
If you are in a rush, drop in a few ice cubes to cool the surface immediately. More Info
Cooking Ingredient


Utilize reduced or low-fat varieties.
Ricotta or mixed cottage cheese which has a little bit of icing sugar with or without vanilla is a good option for whipped cream.
Mild and creamy evaporated milk or twice power produced up powdered skim milk, may be utilised in sauces, quiches, sauces and casseroles rather than cream for a rich flavour. Insert some mixed cornflour to thicken if necessary.
Mix cottage cheese or ricotta & reduced or low-fat milk into a thin cream like consistency. Insert a small quantity of lemon juice or juice, if wanted to make a sour flavour.
Utilize reduced or low-fat all-natural yoghurt (good on coat potatoes, Mexican dishes and homemade potato wedges).
Utilize creamy & light (skim) evaporated milk with a dash of lemon juice or buttermilk rather than sour cream in cooking.
natural health food
Attempt to decrease the amount required
use low-fat cheese types
parmesan cheese provides greater flavour & less is required, use a fine grater — you’ll need less cheese
mix grated reduced fat cheese using yoghurt or breadcrumbs for toppings on baked dishes.
Use a potato peeler for thin chopped pieces for sandwiches and toast.

Use unsaturated margarine rather than butter, dairy combinations, lard, copha or ingesting fat
reduced light or fat spreads are lower in kilojoules and good for dispersing but sometimes not great for cooking
utilize an assortment of oils for cooking such as canola, sunflower, olive, peanut butter and sesame oil — based upon the flavour.
Step oil in cooking using a teaspoon, as opposed to pouring. Add only one teaspoon per function.
Lower the total amount of oil or margarine utilized or exit if possible (like on bread).
Utilize ricotta, cottage cheese, hummus, avocado or unsalted nut spreads as an alternate distribute bread for variety.


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