Polishing speech with the proper use of notes

Speaking in front of other people for the first time may make you feel like melted ice cream. Notes are normal when you are a speaker in an event. Speaker usually brings notes to guide them. Though everything is not written on it, the points in the discussion should be delivered accurately. This is the main reason why even experts, knowledgeable and experienced speakers still bring their notes in the actual event. Nobody is perfect – and we are bound to forget something even though we are confident. Things happen and in order to avoid those, bringing a note during your speech is just a normal thing. It will enhance your public speaking skills.

Speaking and reading are of two different kinds. If you are a speaker, people will expect you to become brisk in delivering your speech. You are not bringing your note in order to read it in front of many people. As much as possible, you should direct your attention to your audience and avoid glancing on your copies. Reading your piece may make the people feel sleepy and easily get bored. Connection to people is very important. You should maintain that connection from the beginning till the end of your speech. This could be a struggle to first timers on how they can cheer-up their audience. As a speaker, you should be a keen observant to your audience. If you have a lengthy speech, you can make it concise and directing a bulls eye on your thought.

polishing speech

In your speech, you should not waste your time from greeting everyone in your introduction. Some experts would recommend you to deliver your speech with a note card with you but you should narrow it down to one card. Composing everything on a piece of 8.5 by 11 size paper, it is better that you will use small piece of paper so you will not end up bringing a full size bond paper on the stage. Note cards could be distracting if you are kept on shuffling them while you are delivering your speech. It is recommended that you will take note of only the important points and bring them altogether into a handful key. When you are using a note cards, be sure that you will be delivering your speech with a lectern so that you can be free to use your hand for making gestures and to deliver the thought effectively.

Your audience would not reward you for memorizing the entire speech that you willutter unto them.Let your audience see that you are incredibly confident, comfortable and authoritative. In using your note in a speech, it is important that you will create an illusion of mastery by not holding to your note and not even touching it. Even master speakers use their notes at the time they will stand in front of their audiences. Don’t give any idea to your audience about a small paper you are holding. This will give them the idea that they are listening to a pro.

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